We produce a plastic roll cradle manufactured from recycled PET bottles called CradlePak.  Most of the cradles are formed as pairs with a perforation so that they may be separated as singles or folded over as doubles for use in between layers of rolls.

Worry Free Stacking

Save Space

The strength and flexibility of PET makes our product resistant to breaking and cracking. If the rolls are stored outside, or need to ship overseas in containers, our cradles will not collapse due to moisture.

CradlePak’s patented design offers very efficient nesting. We package up to 1,200 cradles on a standard pallet that can be double-stacked saving you valuable warehouse space and freight costs.

Clean Presentation

Earth Friendly

Your customers will appreciate the CradlePaks as they will improve the appearance of your package when it arrives.

Our cradles are produced from recycled PET bottles and can be returned for reuse or they may be dropped off at a local recycler, eliminating disposal costs.